Episode 2: Claude Monet Part 2- Eye Droppers and Cocaine

In this episode of I Slept Through Art History, we will be investigating the final chapter of Claude Monet’s life. He completes his transformation from a total Ross to an old stubborn white dude living out his Chip and Joanna Gaines landscaping fantasy. Guest starring Hayley’s dogs, Wren and Hope (snoring in the background) and the leather couch that we will NEVER record on again. Join us as we break our own art kid hearts over the death of the impressionists movement, and say our last goodbyes to Claude Monet. 

Episode 1: Claude Monet Part 1- Ross from Friend

Did you know Claude Monet’s first name was Oscar? Neither did we. This episode we learn about Oscar’s first wife Camille, and all the times he drew naked people in Paris. Have you ever tried to throw yourself into a river because you felt like your paintings weren’t good enough? So did he. Young Claude Monet is weirdly relatable, but is also somehow still as much of a let down as a parent and husband, as Ross from Friends.